Herson Guerrero Huh (he/him)

Mexican-American technologist. Seeking creative expression through code.

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Allá en el Norte

I grew up with one foot in Juarez, Chihuahua and the other in El Paso, Texas traveling between a permeable border of physical spaces, languages, cultures, and identities. Allá en el Norte is my exploration into this border, looking at it both through personal and societal lenses. It is my love letter to this corner of two worlds that will forever go "right down the middle of my heart".

3D Modeling in Blender

Sketches I: Creative Exploration

This is a collection of recent sketches. Here I'm experimenting with different styles, developing an aesthetic. I take inspiration from other artists in the community, and this is my attempt at recreating some of my favorite styles. I write about each sketch, inspiration, and process at: Creative Exploration ->

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watercolor on canvas
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painting with fragment shaders
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working with a grid
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generative box geometry

Sketches II: Technical Exploration

This collection is a deep-dive into the Math that drives the design and aesthetics of Sketches I. These visualizations strip away the design, and hone in on the technical: the numbers, the algorithms, the data structures. It's a way for me to have intentional time to dive deeper into mathematical functions, and the results highlight their natural beauty. I write about each sketch at: Technical Exploration ->

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fragment shaders
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vertex shaders